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Who are we?

We are a work team that encourages professional and personal balance. At DINTEC, we are looking to maximize the use of time and space to achieve the best quality of life for our collaborators. When you decide to join us, you will find the perfect environment to develop professionally, since we value your capabilities and skills, guiding them towards many directions and the achievement of your goals. With us you will be able to expand your horizons and your career plan, get involved in the general business process and each area, acquiring integral training within the company. 


Why should you work at DINTEC? 

Because we think differently!  using a system of horizontal communication, you have access to higher positions. we care about the human factor, we have established a continuing mentoring program for our personnel, and we will help you design a career plan, we are in tune with your interests and skills. At DINTEC, we work to attract the most talented people to each of our areas; and make every effort to maintain the highest level of cooperation in every action of the company. Joining us assures your professional and economic development within our firm.


Recruitment Process

DINTEC admission process is agile, dynamic and it allows us to have contact with each of our candidates in a close form. What steps does it follow?

  1. Selection of possible candidates who cover 100% of the required profile.

  2. Telephone interview filters, confirms candidate’s information and assures that the economic proposal is attractive for the applicant.

  3. Interview on-site: knowledge, training, capacities, and skills.

  4. Application of technical & psychological tests.

  5. Labor references confirmation.

  6. A brief interview with some members of the board of Directors, concluding with your admission to the company.