Our services


Periodically all SAP customers need to migrate to new versions. Dintec offers the support you need to turn this into an opportunity where processes can be improved or functionality added, which ultimately generates an additional return on investment in your migration project.

Electronic Accounting

Many countries around the world require Electronic Accounting in their financial laws that show detail business activity, we can provide the solution that fit these requirements.


Thanks to our experience around the world, we are able to support our multinational customers that have broad coverage of business and corporate guidelines to standardize local requirements.


Current Modules Enhancements

Because we understand the importance of your business, our consultants will help you put in to service the best functionality of SAP.



Our consulting services focusing on the SAP approach will provide you with specialized expertise in diverse areas allowing you to make the best decisions for your business that result in a better return on your SAP investment.

Adaptation to business growth

We do an analysis of the functionality growth under SAP operation, with our consultants focusing on changes or transformations suitable to extend the modules according to your requirements.