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SAP Business ByDesign is a business management solution, fully integrated and designed for midsize and small companies as well as subsidiaries that want the benefits of large-scale business applications without the need for a large IT infrastructure
acquire only what you require.

Profitable and sustainable growth through innovation and supervision.

SAP Business ByDesign is a business management tool, flexible, robust and scalable.






Dintec´s proven Omni-Commerce Cloud solution for wholesale distributors is your fast track to cloud ERP integrated with ecommerce for business to business, business to consumer, and digital markets out of the box. 




  Research estimates that 67% of the B2B buyer’s journey is now completed digitally.


A distributor´s ability to efficiently combien traditional service with digital supply chain capabilities can adrees these demands while minimizing the impact of margin erosion and disruption.


    Dintec customers have used these stategies to turn market disruption into triple digit growth with less IT resourses and overhead. 

One wholesale distributor made a strategic shift in the face of extreme market disruption. Focusing on new sales channels and the ability to quickly adapt processes in the cloud. The enhanced their value to customers and vendors entering new markets with new companies enabled with some key capabilities:  






Solution for your industry


SAP Business ByDesign solution has the ability to cover more than 25 types of industries, Dintec has over 20 years of experience with successful implementations in the following industry groups: 


° Distribution




° Professional Services





10 Reasons to choose Business ByDesign


ºOn Demand: Harness the power and convenience of cloud computing.

ºFlexible: Start with the basics and adapt to your growing needs quickly.

ºDependable: Trust the leader of business software in the world.

ºSafe: No worries, enjoy the solution that gives you control of your business.

ºComplete: A fully integrated business solution.

ºIntuitive: Obtain a 360 degree view of your business.

ºAccessible: Get value faster with a predictable price, all inclusive.

ºEcosystem: Take advantage of the resources of our partners and customers.

ºInternational: Take advantage of our global expertise in business solutions.

ºEasy to use: Accelerate your productivity with our software that is easy to learn and use. 


SAP ByDesign for Subsidiaries



 SAP Business ByDesign helps improve insight within the subsidiary and across the corporate ecosystem:


·       Effectively manage both subsidiary and corporate priorities

·      Minimize the complexity of managing numerous applications

·      Establish consistency and control across subsidiaries

·      Ensure visibility and insight into subsidiary performance

·      Leverage corporate services, capabilities and IT investments 

·     Support the needs of subsidiaries with limited IT resources






SAP Recognized Expertise


 Recognized by SAP in being the first and only Partner in Mexico and Latin America with SAP Recognized Expertise in SAP Business ByDesign by meeting a rigorous certification process in the following áreas:

 ·Having our Team certified by SAP in sales, presales and consulting in the latest version of ByD. Evaluated Yearly.

 ·Receiving an Excellent Rating for our customer’s implementation service experience in the last two years.

 ·Aligning with SAP on our annual growth plan for SAP Business ByDesign